2016 may not be Canada’s year financially speaking but there are plenty other things to look forward to. Yes it’s no secret that because of the lowering of plummeting oil prices  to around $30 USD per barrel the loonie is expected to suffer more massive shrinkage this upcoming year. But while to many this may seem like a time for panic and would prompt some more cautious residents to react by considering other countries to live there are plenty of ways to make the best of the upcoming econo-crash.

For starters experts predict the saying ‘cash to burn’ may soon find itself on the other end of the spectrum. Banknotes may now become a literal source of fuel as people are left literally with worthless paper (ok plastic now but for the sake of this article we are going with paper), and may consider literally burning their cash. The winters in Canada can be cold and harsh, that’s inevitable but what better way to keep warm than a good old fashioned barrel fire? Even better since the amount of oil being sold will decrease it is recommended that families use the now defunct oil drums in order to keep themselves toasty during those cold winter nights .Coincidentally the availability of toilet paper is expected to rise significantly possibly putting some of the major retail brands out of business.

And while the outlook for wallet manufacturers is looking grim wheelbarrow and luggage manufacturers are expected to rake in record breaking profits. People will no doubt still need to use money though to purchase bread and other staples. Since a traditional wallet would not suffice given the amount of money needed to possess any sense of value people will need equipment capable of holding their funds.

So just remember 2016 may be one of the worst years economically that Canada will ever see but you just have to look on the bright side of it all.

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