Atlantic Canada is in the path of two combining fierce snowstorms.  One hit southern Ontario and Quebec on Friday, the other is currently hammering the northeastern United  States.  Forecasters are predicting between 30 and 40 centimetres of snow today for parts of  Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and up to 30 centimetres for Prince Edward  Island.  Newfoundland appears to be getting off relatively lightly with only 25 centimetres of snow expected to fall by Sunday.

Expectaions are that in some parts of Atlantic Canada, the snow will be whipped  by winds of up to 100 kilometres an hour, cutting visibility to nearly zero.  Halifax Stanfield  International Airport has cancelled dozens of flights to this point with more expected into the evening and early morning hours.

Forecasters are also warning of possible  flooding along the Nova Scotia coast line between Halifax and Yarmouth

Ontario’s Thursday/Friday winter storm is being blamed for at least  three deaths so far, two of which were on the roads aswell as  an 80-year-old woman who was  shovelling her driveway. .


In the northeastern U.S., more than half a million homes and businesses are still without  power because of a the powerful storm that has dumped up to half a metre of snow on  Connecticut.


People in the Boston area are digging out of 40-centimetres of snow.


New England is also in the path of the storm heading for Atlantic Canada.  Residents are being warned of reduced driving visibility and poor road conditions lasting possibly into Sunday evening.

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