This is by no means a new app but a recent update has transformed “Moment Catcher” and brought it to the world of free applications.  Montreal’s Grolux2 Productions inc., in partnership with Mirego inc, are launching a new free new version of the MOMENT CATCHER  application. This improved version offers new functionalities such as integrated (in-app) purchases.

Created to capture your precious and spontaneous moments, the iOS version has become quite a hit being featured in both the Canadian and US App Stores.

The app uses the front-facing camera of your device (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch) to catch a person’s reaction while he or she is viewing videos or looking at photos on the screen.

He or she is unaware they are being filmed, It is then possible to send the videos captured live via the MOMENT CATCHER directly to Facebook or to an email address, or to download the images on your computer for video editing.

My first thought was using the app to record something like a marriage proposal, she’d never see that coming.

The apps “creator” describes the initial development of the idea for Moment Catcher

“I got this idea while watching my children. They have their favorite videos on YouTube, and when they watch them, they often start to dance, laugh or sing. Every time I take my video or photo camera out to capture those precious moments, they stop what they were doing and don’t want to move anymore. I wondered how I could capture those moments that move us or make us laugh. This is how Moment Catcher was first developed.”


The free version is “Unfortunately only available on the (Apple) App Store” we were told via email when asking about Android availability. “We do have an Android version, but it is not free and it is the older version” a company spokesman said.  The Android Moment Catcher does only cost $0.99 and our trial shows it to be fully funtional and pretty Awesome.

For more information about Moment Catcher visit

SOURCE: Les Productions Grolux2 inc.

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