The Andrea Bargnani ordeal feels like it has dragged out forever.  With the NBA’s 2013 trade deadline now passed it is set to continue for at least the remainder of this season.


Recently Bargnani has been getting the “Larry Murphy” treatment from Raptors fans at the Air Canada Centre and has been noticeably affected.


Toronto general manager Bryan Colangelo said last week on Toronto radio that Bargnani is suffering from a “pile on effect” and that the big man “looks like a shell of himself” since coming back from his most recent injury.


Colangelo also emphasized that there was “legit interest” in Bargnani at the trade deadline but that he felt the lack of  “runway” (games before the deadline) after his return from injury made it tough to allow other teams be comfortable in making a trade.


The surprising recent push since the Rudy Gay trade notwithstanding the Raptors former first overall pick hasn’t been able to get his legs under him.


Bargnani has through his career been known as primarily a shooter with average at best defence,  in recent weeks though he has displayed an inability to sink baskets, garnering Vince Carter like boos from the fans.  His defence while never spectacular has also been getting exposed regularly.


Raptors fans who pay good money to see basketball at the ACC are well within their rights to boo any player they see fit.  A little more selective “booing”  (if you will) would be well advised though.  Bargnani has been obviously shaken by the reception he is getting in his seventh season in Toronto and his play has suffered as a result.


The worse Bargnani’s play gets, the lower the return the Raptors will get in any potential off-season trade involving the big Italian.  The message has been sent loud and clear Raptors fans, it’s time to lighten up on Bargnani a little and start focusing on the positives surrounding this newly revived team.

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