The Toronto Raptors Andrea Bargnani is again being linked to trade rumors.  ESPN is reporting that the Raptors are again in discussions to move the Italian Forward, the Chicago Bulls being the latest team mentioned as trade partners.  Romored to be returning to Toronto in a possible deal is Carlos Boozer.


From the outside there appears to be too many issues with this possible deal for anything to come to fruition.  Boozer’s salary is approximately 5 million more than Bargnani’s this season, and he is owed about 32 million over the two following years.  With Toronto’s recent acquisition of Rudy Gay’s hefty contract in a deal with Memphis recently, unless there are more pieces to this puzzle than initially being rumored acquiring Boozer would likely push Toronto above the Luxury tax threshold.  It is unlikely the Raptors would venture into that territory to bring in anything less than a proven all-star although GM Bryan Colangelo told reporters after the Gay deal the possibilty exists to stray into luxury-tax territory for the “right transaction.”


Colangelo also told reporters immediately after the Gay trade that “sometimes a change of address isn’t bad” when referring to a possible deal to move Bargnani, only adding to the speculation the a trade is ilmenite.


Since being selected with the first over all pick in the 2006 entry draft Bargnani has struggled to live up to the lofty expectations fans attribute to players selected number one.  Injuries have plagued his past few seasons only adding to fan frustration.


While it appears that Bargnani’s day’s in Toronto are coming to an end, The Raptors need to get as much value in any return as possible.  The implications of another trade could be long-lasting,  acquiring another player locked into a long-term expensive contract would essentially handcuff the Raptors from any further transaction be it trades or free agent acquisitions.


The rumored deal for Boozer likely will not come to be reality but it is likely the first in a long string of talks surrounding Bargnani.

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