From 2000 down to 2, the Brampton CHL franchise is closing in on the announced April tenth unveiling of the team name.  In a set of announcements through the clubs Facebook page and website this week they have narrowed the list of possible names down to either the “Beast” or the “Bandits”.

While the number of followers on the clubs Facebook page is still relatively small, the debate regarding what the club’s name should be is furious.  Bramptonians all seem to have their favourite name from the announced finalist list and are showing their disappointment as the club narrows in on the final selection.

The page is dripping with people promoting their favourite name (possibly in an attempt to win the contest), and others voicing their displeasure as names are eliminated.

From Hockey Brampton’s point of view even the negative feedback has to be looked at as a positive.  Coming into a market where there was so much made about the failure of the Battalion and the lack of fan support in the city, at least in the early stages it appears that people care about hockey in Brampton again.

Key going forward will be the club’s ability to build on the momentum they have gained thus far and continue with the process of imbedding themselves into the” fabric” of Brampton.  A tough chore no doubt, but if successful they are in the unique position of having a huge (in Central Hockey League terms) hockey population to draw on.


Casualties of fan voting this week include the “Blizzard”, “North Stars” and “Vipers”.


The original list of possible names included finalists the “Beast” and “Bandits”, as well as the “Blizzard”, “North Stars”, “Vipers”, “Wolverines”, “Renegades”, “Smash”, “Arrows”, and the Brampton “Bengals”.

To vote for your favourite of the final two names visit Hockey Brampton.

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