With so many products and clubs claiming to help you become a video game tester, people wanting to know if this is for real and could any of these products really help someone start making money while playing video games?

After researching the information, the truth is, there is a large need for game tester jobs. Video game sales are skyrocketing year after year, and game developers need more and more testers to work through levels, try new characters and simply play their game. Most games today have multiplayer aspects to them which requires extensive game testing to fine tune before release. For this, game developers pay good money on a per hour basis to have these projects tested and re-tested. The hard part is getting a foot in the door with these groups to become a part of that labor force for the developers.

The game industry does these things in a specific way and they also have other sources they use for game testering. Being a member of one of these clubs or joining a group of game testers is how you get your foot in the door to start making real dollars for testing video games.

I found dozens of products and clubs that claim to help you get started as a game tester. Only three made it to the review stage though, the others were deemed to be scams and not worth any attention. We will save you the heartache and frustration of being ripped off,  follow our recommendations and use one of the valid services we discovered below.

The following sites offer the best possible opportunities for becoming a full or part time “Game Tester”.

We reviewed each one and the following is what we found:
Product 1 – Game Tester Guide

This impressive program was founded by a game tester himself who has been making money doing this for some time now. His expert guidance is very helpful.

Game Tester Guide is a little different because it offers a one time membership fee that gets you in for life. This seems like a pretty good deal, then we dig further.

This program basically does everything for you! From the initial setup of your gamer profile to getting you submitted for jobs. You receive the games by mail to play, and once your finished, there is a survey for you to fill out and return. After you submit your review, they send you a check!

The rael pros of Game Tester Guide is the lifetime membership, and the it is so easy to get started. The also do not over sell you on the potential and are realistic on the amount you will actually get paid to do this kind of work.


Product 2 – Gamer Testing Ground

Gamer Testing Ground is a another top notch program that provides all the information, support and hook ups to get started at game testing quickly. They provide access to unreleased game titles, and the broad selection of game assignments is great. The game copies are a nice bonus too.

This program provides a ton of inside resources that will assist you in becoming a game tester fast. The insider contacts and information here are invaluable to someone seeking a tester position. This information is impossible to aquire on your own and with the right contacts and resources this plan will get you the job!

Gamer Testing Ground also has access to some very popular game releases and the most unreleased game titles out of the three. If your in it for game diversity, then this one is for you.
Product 3 – Only For Gamers

Their webpage was nice and I was excited to see what the difference was with this one.

Once signed up and looking for how it compared, we were hit with a decent 3-step plan to get paid to play games. We followed the steps and sure enough, started getting in on some unreleased games that needed game testers. Following the 3-step plan got me hired on to test a game that has a new version coming out next year. After a week of testing, the first check arrived!

Only 4 Gamers had a different approach than some of the others and is geared to the person wanting to start right now. The information is great and it does help you get some awsome gigs playing games.


This is far from a difinitive guide to becoming a video game tester but rather a starting point for you to begin exploring the aweosme possibilities.  Go forth, and play games!

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