A video that exploded on You Tube this morning was originally described as proof of Canadian Pop Star Justin Bieber using the services of a Brazilian Prostitute.   The short clip shows an unidentified woman blowing a kiss to a passed out Bieber.

Members of Bieber’s camp who were with Justin in Brazil have reportedly told gossip website  TMZ that the woman is NOT a prostitute.

The report on the site goes on to say

Here’s what we’re told — Justin had rented a home outside of Rio to stay at during his concert in Brazil. After his show, JB threw an after-party and invited roughly 50 people. At some point during the shindig, Justin fell asleep on a couch and one of the partygoers shot footage of the singer sleeping.

Bieber is telling friends … he is completely creeped out by the video and is disappointed that he now has to defend himself against false hooker claims.

Here is the video for those who woke up late this morning.

YouTube Preview Image


Reports also out of Brazil say Bieber is wanted by local police for spraying a hotel wall with graffiti.  The reports say Justin drew faces and baseball caps, phrases such as “Belibers 4 life” and “respect privacy” with a can of spray paint.  In Brazil, defacing buildings is a crime punishable by up to a year in jail. Since the report, Justin has said he was asked, and allowed to tag the wall. TMZ still reports that it is “under investigation”.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com

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