While travelling in Toronto, this place should be on the top of your list, especially if you have a predilection for Italian cuisine. All the flavours are on flick and you will absolutely fall in love with them. Buca, situated on the King Street West, is known for its unique and creative Italian menu with selected and exquisitely crafted delicacies. It has mastered in each and every dish present on its menu, and by the time you finish your main course you’ll realise it isn’t just food but an experience.

Buca2Coming to the ambience, the restaurant boasts of its lavish decor and silverware.This is probably one of those places where you’d like to bring your friends and family for occasional treats and in return, get a treat from the restaurant too. They have a tradition of gifting you if you’re celebrating your birthday. The attendants serve exceptionally and treat their customers very smoothly. The ambience is tranquil and including all its factors, there’s no doubt why it stands out with a 3.9 out of 5.

They also have a classic collection of winery and at shockingly affordable prices. The stand outs of their mouth watering delicacies are the Bigoli, which is a beautiful duck egg pasta, Salumi Di Buca, perfectly scaled Salumi and cheese and the brilliant Carpaccio buca3Piemontese. All the same, Buca is also known for its Squid Dumpling, Nodini ( delicious garlic buns), Crispy Pig’s ear, Lamb’s brain, Duck egg and Blood sausage etc. Other delicacies that will win your heart instantly are their carefully picked variety of pastas and lasagne, and pizzas. They are prepared with utmost precision to cuddle your taste buds.

For the dessert, you just can’t miss there quintessentially prepared Tiramisu, which is another speciality of Buca. You’ll forget all your prior Tiramisus’ after having it here. Also, the homemade fig, lemon, yoghurt and grape flavoured Sorbet will just melt in your mouth. They are absolutely the ‘must haves’ of Buca.

Although you’ll be deeply satisfied, you would want to visit them and give them another chance to content you with their delicacies again and again. If in Toronto, this is the place where you will definitely want to end your day, with such blissful food. But make sure you’ve made prior bookings because they are always full.



By Adhishree : Adhishree is an Indian born traveller and blogger. She describes herself as young, and In love with food and new places. She loves to write and share experiences with others. Adhishrees favourite saying? She “wants to measure the world with her own footsteps.”

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