Domar Transmission LTD is the parent company of three Transmission shops located in Toronto, Winnipeg, and Woodbridge Ontario.

They “Specialize” in transmission repairs, rebuilds and power train repairs for both automobiles and larger trucks.

On the surface a company that has been around as long as Domar (the better part of three decades) one would believe must be trustworthy.  Unfortunately for customers the family owned Domar has been shorting them on everything from quality of workmanship to labour charges for quite some time.

The company’s transmission rebuild process is designed to last the warranty period and no longer.  The use of inferior parts (
many used and almost at the end of their life) may help save a few dollars off the initial bottom line but customer loyalty should be more of a priority.

Citywide / GTA Transmission is the Woodbridge Ontario location that deals with primarily automatic transmissions.  The staff at this “sister” of Domar is untrained and just not up to many jobs, especially anything electrical related.  The location is notorious for customer “come backs”(always a sign of a place not doing the job properly the first time), and quotes that turn into largely inflated invoices.
Domar in all their forms place less of a  priority on putting out a good product than they do on trying to cut any corner to undercut competitors prices.  Beware Canadians, if you are looking for work on your transmission or power train Domar is not a recommended destination.
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