I have only been embarrassed by my countrymens behaviour a couple of times. Once regarding athlete doping, another regarding the antics of a popster, and now, the political antics in Toronto and Ottawa. Out of all of them. The political antics disturb me the most.

I am not educated in political sciences, I am not a politician, I am, however, a Canadian citizen who expects more from our governments than what has been in the news lately. I am disgusted with and embarrassed by their behaviour. How dare they steal yours and my money like they did! How dare they try to justify it. If we did this in the private sector, we would be charged with theft, fraud, and anything else they could think of. We would not be suspended without pay, we would be fired!

Another thing that has got my goat is the poppy. Some people want to change the well recognized red poppy worn on Remembrance Day to a white one, the reason for this change is because certain sectors of society feel that the red poppy glorifies war and the white poppy will reinforce the need to settle things in a peaceful manner. This is hog wash! The red poppy symbolizes the blood spilled by soldiers fighting for freedom. It represents the loss of friends and loved ones fighting to keep our nation free. If it weren’t for those men and women, the people lobbying for the white poppy would not be able to. We must remember those who sacrificed themselves so that we all could live free.

Despite these, what I feel are glitches, in our country, Canada is still the best place on earth. At least we have laws to protect us against cheating politicians, pride in our athletes to seriously reprimand and help those who are desperate enough to dope themselves, and the freedom to try and change a tradition and symbol like the red poppy.

Other countries wish they could be so fortunate.

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