Want to Promote Your Blog?


Calling all Bloggers!  

Awesome Canada wants to work with bloggers in the interest of cross promotion.  What we are offering is a chance for guest posting on our website.  Awesome Canada is a few years old now and we are looking to offer some new perspectives for our readers.

We offer authors a great platform to get their work out to Canadians coast to coast and Worldwide to our international audience.  Writing for Awesome Canada is also a great way to both gain experience and build your personal portfolio.  All of our Authors receive complete credit for their work, this is not a ghost writing gig.

With each approved and published unique 400 word article/post you will receive a link back to your own website where our readers can then check out what you have to offer.  We offer many additional promotional incentives for our authors like 5 posts will get you added to our sponsors/partners page.


If you are interested in joining our dynamic team use the contact form in the right sidebar to let us know.  Simply include your name and email address where prompted, and let us know what you would like to write about.  That’s it, we will reply to you shortly with all the details on getting your first article posted.

If you have any further questions you may also use the contact form to ask them and one of our staffers will get back to you shortly.

Thanks for your interest in Awesome Canada!

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