TFC will make a major announcement Tuesday at 10:30 a.m at BMO Field.

It’s expected that Torsten Frings will announce his retirement.



The Globe and Mail asked Toronto FC for an update on Frings’ status,and a club spokesman said: “In regards to your inquiry there is nothing to update. We will be able to update you next week once the team is back in Toronto.”


The club is set to return to Toronto on Monday so expect further updates soon.


Farewell Frings

Word is out that Toronto FC’s Torsten Frings is close to having the final year of his contract bought out by the MLS club.


Frings, 36, remains two months away from being  match fit with  just a week remaining before Major League Soccer’s Opening Day, according to numerous reports.


The German midfiedler who was sent home to Toronto from camp in Orlando last week for apparent “personal reasons”  is believed to be struggling in his rehab from off-season hip surgery.  Many close to the situation have reported Frings was actually sent packing because he hadn’t sufficiantly rehabed from his surgery.


On Friday, reports began to surface that Toronto was looking to buy out the remaining $2.5 million of Frings’ deal.  It appears to be only a matter of time before the two part ways as General manager Kevin Payne prepares to make his first big personnel decision since taking the job.


Check back as we are waiting for final conformation.


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