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By Shana Aborn for Life & Beauty Weekly


Finally! After a long, cold, miserable winter, spring never felt so welcome. You’re eager to swap out sweaters for sandals, but don’t forget that spring is also the time to switch up your beauty routine. These expert tips will ensure that your skin and hair are ready to face the warm springtime sun.

Make Your Skin Shine

Once daily, exfoliate your face gently with a washcloth or sonic facial brush to help dead skin slough off. Then weekly, follow up with a toner containing glycolic or salicylic acid, which gives a deeper clean. “I’m a big fan of exfoliation,” says New York dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman, author of Skin Rules. “If your skin isn’t exfoliated, it won’t have that nice glow.” You’ll also want to put away your extra-strength body lotion and switch to a lighter formulation.

Say Goodbye to Pimples

As the heat and humidity return, your face becomes oilier and more prone to blemishes. To keep them at bay, apply a toner for acne-prone skin after washing your face; look for ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and niacinamide. Then do an inventory of your makeup. “Many people don’t read the labels, and they choose products that aggravate acne,” says Jaliman. For instance, glycerin, silicone and mineral oil are common ingredients in moisturizers and primers. Finally, to avoid flare-ups, clean your cell phone! Your fingers leave bacteria on the screen that can spread to your face when you make a call.

Nourish Winter-dried Hair

Winter’s arid air can make your scalp dry out and shed. Dandruff can also appear worse in cold weather when you wear dark sweaters or shirts, which make the flakes stand out. Now’s the time to pamper your scalp: Use an anti-dandruff shampoo and follow up with conditioner.

Spring’s warmer temperatures are the perfect time to change up your hair-care routine, advises noted Boston-based stylist Mario Russo. “As the season changes, incorporate a gloss serum into your hair routine,” says Russo. “The oils and moisturizing ingredients will liven up your color and help prepare hair for the summer sun.” A weekly hair mask, he adds, will rejuvenate your locks by opening up the hair cuticle and letting the moisture penetrate. This is also the time to cut back on heat-styling tools, which can damage your hair. “On days when you don’t use your blow-dryer or straightening iron, continue to apply your favorite frizz, volume or UV-protectant product. They’ll help protect your hair while it dries naturally,” says Russo.

On the other hand, if your hair tends to be oily this time of year, both Russo and Jaliman recommend using dry shampoo several times a week, which absorbs the oil without drying out your hair.

Freshen Your Look

Greet spring in style with a salon visit; even a small trim will remove split ends and revive your hair. Ready for something more daring? Talk to your stylist about trying a new color. “Tones like platinum or icy blonde, cool toned tips and dark roots, rose-gold, dark-chocolate brown and a less drastic ombre will be popular this spring,” says Russo.

Shana Aborn
is the managing editor of 
Life & Beauty Weekly
. Formerly the deputy editor of
MAMM and a senior editor at
Ladies’ Home Journal, she has also written for
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