It is time to venture outside of the norm and go to a park where car camping is not even allowed. Frontenac Provincial Park is located near Kingston Ontario and only has back country camping sites available. You will need to make a reservation at this park as there are only 48 campsites available in the entire park and they are in high demand most of the time.
Frontenac is only roughly 70 square kilometers but has numerous awesome lakes that have been untouched by any motorized vehicle in several years. It is illegal to use any motorized boat, ATV etc anywhere in the park! Awesome. There is nothing worse than canoeing or hiking to your site for some peace and quiet only to find Tad or Jim Bob flying around the lake just offshore hooting and hollering till the wee hours (9pm camping time) and scaring the moose away.


On the topic of moose in case you are unfamiliar they sort of sound like a cross between a cow and a lamb. Strange but true. Also they have a gait similar to a horse so when they run by your tent in the middle of the night don’t be alarmed. It is just a moose! I know this because just last Friday at Awenda a moose almost ran into my tent at about 2am screaming like a banshee. He was in a hurry and all I could see after unzipping my door was the faint outline of moose butt running away! Awesome Canadian experience eh? Someone must have really spooked him because they are usually much more docile…and quiet…and less clumsy.


Ok back to Frontenac. There are roughly 120 kilometers of hiking trails in the park and the majority are loops around lakes which are just amazing. It is nice to have the tranquility of a hike and the beauty of a lake almost the entire way. Hike a little, rest, take a swim, hike a little, rest and have a picnic on a nice sandy beach, hike a little take a swim….and so on and so on and so on.
Just awesome.

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