Following a telephone conference on Monday NHL discipline authorities decided no supplemental discipline was required for Maple Leafs forward Mikhail Grabovski following an alleged biting incident in Saturdays Leafs, Montreal Canadians game.


The incident in question took place in the third period of a Leafs 6-0 thrashing of the Canadians.  During a players scrum Montreal forward Max Pacioretty grabbed Grabovski’s head with his wrist in the mouth area and began to twist like a scene out of a movie where a characters neck is broken.  The pair dropped out of the frame of the replay for a few seconds only to reemerge with Pacioretty grabbing and looking at his wrist.


The Montreal forward insists that Grabovski bit him but it was determined that replays were inconclusive, and did not warrant any further action regarding the incident.


Although no one is condoning biting in hockey it does appear that Grabovski (if he did bite Pacioretty) was left with little in the way of options.  A few basic rights should be to be entitled to breathable air and to not have your head twisted like a beer cap, both of which were issues Grabovski was facing Saturday night.


Obviously there are two sides to every story and to be honest if everything happened the way it appears then both players were in the wrong.  Regardless of opinions though every replay available was inconclusive and neither player will miss a game or incur any sort of fine.


When prodded to give his opinion on possible disciplinary action for Pacioretty Leafs head coach Randy Carlyle told reporters “You know what? To make comments on what the NHL does — I learned a long time ago that I leave that up to you guys, I’ve been fined once in my life for criticizing the officials, and they’re not going to get any more of my money.”

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