GUINNESS, the best-selling stout in the world is being very proactive leading into its Canadian St. Patrick’s Day festivities. They are welcoming six of “Ireland’s finest to paint the town black” in Toronto. Handpicked for their Irish patriotism, love for Guinness and their desire to educate Canadians on the authentic way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, “these Irish recruits have arrived on Canadian soil just in time to save March 17th”.

“Canada consumes more green beer per capita than any nation should,” said Paul O’Rourke, one of the Irish recruits from Dublin, Ireland. “Drinking green beer on St. Patrick’s Day is completelyun-Irish and I think it should be banned from pubs in Canada. I feel that it is my patriotic duty to stem the tide and show Canadians the authentic way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.”

In order to address the current state of St. Patrick’s Day in Canada, Guinness sought out consumers (of legal drinking age) from Ireland who wanted to help reclaim the occasion.  The team of six Irish recruits who accepted the mission include:

  1. Paul O’Rourke – a keen Guinness drinker and bad dancer from Dublin, Ireland
  2. Aisling Walsh – the beautiful graphic designer from Dublin, Ireland
  3. David Tunney – a proud Irishman and 5th generation Dubliner
  4. Mark Rossiter – an authentic Irish barman with the nickname “Happy” from Dublin, Ireland
  5. Ethel Horan – the self-proclaimed foodie from Offaly, Ireland
  6. Peter Munnelly – a rugby playing, fun loving bloke from Dublin, Ireland

“We are delighted to welcome this team of true Irish men and women to help save St. Patrick’s Day in Canada,” said Geoff Kosar, Marketing Director Guinness Canada. “One of the easiest ways to ensure you’re enjoying an authentic St. Patrick’s Day is to drink Guinness, responsibly of course. In my opinion, it’s the only acceptable drink of choice on March 17th.”


SOURCE: Guinness Canada

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