After a rough few weeks Toronto Maple Leafs fans have been dusting off the annual panic button.  After the collapse the team went through last season who can blame the long-suffering blue and white supporters for being a little nervous.


While there is little doubt the Leafs are far from a Stanley Cup contender, any pressing of the panic button may be a bit pre-mature.  Saturday Toronto came up with a big win over their nemesis of recent years the Boston Bruins,  edging the black and gold 3-2 in a nail biter of a third period in the first of a home and home series that continues in Boston on Monday.


It was the sort of win that with any luck for the Leafs could help right the ship after their recent skid and while their was some negatives fans need to look at the things that went right aswell.  The Leafs (17-12-3) did a lot with a little offence in a game that saw both teams misfire. They had four shots in the first period, five in the second and four in the third but managed to score a goal in each.


Being outshot  33-13 would generally be looked upon as a bad thing, but the fact that James Reimer was able to hold the fort for Toronto and get a big “W” has to be looked upon favourably.


Possibly the Leafs most pleasant surprise this season has been the play of the oft-criticized Nazem Kadri.  Against the Bruins Kadri scored his 14th goal of the season continuing his recent red-hot streak with his ninth point in the last four games.


Having a goaltender who can be relied on and offensive production that’s at least mediocre should keep the Leafs in the playoff picture this season without much worry of a repeat of last years collapse.  Take a breath Leaf fans, and keep those hands off the panic button.


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