Only days before Mondays Earth Day, the Public Service Alliance of Canada continued their assault on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government.


As part of an ongoing campaign to draw attention to the dangerous impacts of  cuts to public services, mainly environmental protection  the group today released what they describe as an “eye-catching video”.  “The True Nature of Stephen Harper”, they say illustrates the Conservatives assault on the environment.

“We now know from letters obtained by Greenpeace that the Conservatives got rid of environmental protection for over 99% of Canada’s lakes and rivers because the oil industry told them to,” said Larry Rousseau, PSAC’s Regional Executive Vice President, National Capital Region. “This is a key example of how the Conservatives are subverting the public interest for the corporate interest.”

“Canadians expect their government to take care of the environment and ensure that the resource industry acts responsibly,” continued Rousseau. “But instead the Conservatives are weakening Canada’s environmental protection laws via sweeping omnibus budget bills, with almost no debate or discussion.”

The short video is the third of four, each targeting a different area where they say Harper’s cuts can affect the health, safety and well-being of Canadians.  The two previous spots focused on  food inspection and aviation safety cutbacks. May 9th the group is looking to release the fourth in the series focusing on employment insurance.

All three videos can be viewed on the campaign website: www.NOtotheCUTS.ca. According to the PSAC the clip on food inspection has received over 48,000 views in both languages, and they expect the one on the environment to easily surpass that mark.

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SOURCE: Public Service Alliance of Canada – National Capital Region

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