Ontario opposers to the provinces pit bull ban still have some fight left in them.  After numerous setbacks on the road to overturning the rather vague breed specific ban,  the group is in full swing again.


When former Premier Dalton McGuinty left office he essentially killed Bill 16 ( “Hershey’s Bill” looking to repeal the current breed specific portions of the New Dog Owners Liability Act) which had passed its second reading in the legislature with the support of all parties.


Member of Provincial Parlement Randy Hillier (Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington) is leading the charge to bring the Bill back with a petition on his website seeking the public’s support.  The petition has a goal of 5000 signatures, a number that seems reasonable.


McGuinty’s replacement, Premier Kathleen Wynne has the power to reconstitute the Bill to the Order Paper as it was for Third Reading essentially putting it vote.


The Toronto Blue Jays off-season acquisition of pitcher Mark Buehrle from the Miami Marlins has helped raise awareness for the cause.  Buehrle (an avid dog lover and pit bull owner) has voiced his displeasure with Ontario’s current laws prohibiting the breed, deciding to leave his family south of the border instead of moving to Toronto  without the family pet.


With Premier “Dad” (McGuinty) no longer a factor new hope exists for groups oppose to the current laws.  Numerous Anti BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) groups have popped up in recent years and most are reputable but double checking any group you joins mission is a must to ensure their legitimacy.


This debate has been an ongoing saga with much disinformation on either side.  One thing that appears clear is that regardless of breed, Ontario’s Laws regarding animal abuse need to be strengthened.


You can also show your support for the cause (if you wish to do so) by joining the Hersey Anti BSL Facebook group or contacting your local MPP.



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