What is a 4K HD TV?

A 4K high definition television, or 4K HD TV, is a relatively new type of television screen which has a minimum resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

How Will it Change How You Watch Sports?

Less Blur in Fast Games

Higher frame rate, quicker response time and better frame clarity all contribute to blur reduction which will significantly enhance your viewing experience when watching fast sports such as track and field events or motor sports. You will now be able to see Nascar races more clearly, hockey pucks will be easier to follow, and sprinters in track and field will be easier to track.

More Accurate Replays

When watching the puck almost cross the line in an NHL game, fans will be able to see a clearer, sharper image of the close call and will have a more accurate idea of whether the call will be a “no-goal” even before the refs take the call upstairs for review! With a clearer image close calls in all types of sports will be easier for the human eye to see, making the game much more fun to watch at home.

Enhanced Outdoor Images

With its increased brightness range enabled by HDR (High Dynamic Range) combined with the enhanced colour accuracy and saturation, outdoor sports and events such as soccer, football, Olympic events, etc. can be viewed in the most lifelike and realistic pictures. A 4K high definition television will show an extreme amount of image depth, giving a crystal clear image in all shots, including background shots, landscapes, the fans in the stadium and close-ups. Colour and lighting correction will give an accurate representation of the colour and lighting of the event which may otherwise be dulled down on a regular television. Watching sports in 4K will make you feel as though you are sitting right there in the stadium!

The Score Will Be Easier To See

Not only are 4K HD TV’s great for watching the game itself, but the on-screen text such as the scoreboard will be more vivid and easier to see. Tournament results, game scores and periods/quarters/halves and other important text may not be larger, but they will be more clear. If your eyesight is poor you likely won’t have to keep asking your best friend what the score is every time you forget!

By Stephanie Stover – Stephanie is a Canadian internet marketer and entrepreneur. She enjoys sports, technology, and blog writing in her spare time.

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