Oddly, one of the first things which struck the world about Justin Trudeau was not the impact that he would likely have on politics in Canada (not sure if many people outside of the country really understand that at the moment) but, instead, it was on his rugged good looks.

Honestly, if you carried out a Google search for Justin Trudeau to see what the world thinks of him, you would be inundated with link after link to websites which just talk about what he looks like. It is actually pretty crazy. However, to bleat on about that would be pointless. So, we know that the world regards him as one of the ‘sexiest leaders in the world’, but what do they think of his policies?

Justin Trudeau was actually predicted to be the Prime Minister of Canada over forty years ago, which isn’t actually too bad considering he is only 42. This is because he is the son of Pierre Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada. At a gathering, Richard Nixon, then President of the United States, raised a class in honor of ‘future Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’. This is another story which seems to have been doing the rounds as of late (notice how very few people focus on his policies outside of Canada).

One of the things that the world really seems to love about Justin is the fact that he is raising taxes on the rich whilst also boosting government spending. The intention of this is to boost the economy of Canada. Obviously, this is going to be a slow and gradual process, but it is a marked difference from the way in which other countries are operating at the moment (it is all save, save, save in many other countries around the globe). Many people are actually in awe of this and, obviously, this was one of the policies which led him to a landslide victory.

In recent weeks, he has been featured in media around the globe for his views on Donald Trump. Well, not views on him per se, but views on the people who say they would be jumping over the Canadian border if Donald Trump became President. He stated that this was not going to happen. People make the same threats every time an election rolls about and there has never been a significant increase in people emigrating to Canada and it certainly is going to happen now. At the same time, he also said that he is not going to wade in on the debate on American politics and that he is more than capable of working with anybody who is voted into power.

So, how does the world see Justin? Well, apart from incredibly ‘hot’ (apparently), they see him as a Prime Minister who is looking to make a difference. Obviously, we do not really get too much Canadian politics outside of Canada but, so far, everything that has been spoken about is good, which bodes well for Justin!

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