This may be one of the most hilarious things an Ottawa Senators fan has ever done.


The Siri Application available on Apple iPhone’s appears to have some very interesting religious views.  The app is an incredible piece of software that can answer seemingly any verbal prompt from weather inquiries to who was prime minister in 1984, and then there of course is the religious hilarity.


When prompted to show a picture of “god” the application responds “I don’t know what Daniel Alfredsson’s appearance is” .   It appears the iPhone is a Senators fan.  Many Ottawa hockey fans may agree with Apple, Alfredson is the longest-serving captain in the National Hockey League and he has played in Ottawa for 17 seasons.


In a Toronto fans attempt to get a more favorable response from the app, one fan asked “does god play for Toronto?”, not to be fooled the app response was ” No, Daniel Alfredsson currently plays for the Ottawa Senators”.  Not what any Leaf fan wants to hear.


Alfredsson is having some fun with situation saying “I guess I need to get to work and decide who the next Pope is,” he told reporters.


The application “looks up either a canned answer to that question or it’s a predominant answer on the internet” said Ted Burnett, a software developer in Ottawa.  Basically it has internal answers to many popular questions and for anything else it scans the internet for recuring themes to retrieve a suitable answer


Other than articles referring to the current siri application referring to Alfredsson as “god” we could find not mention of the two in the same place.  The more likely explanation is that a “rogue” Senators fan has played an awesome prank, although there has been no responsiblity claimed as of yet.


Regardless of what the scenario is that led to Alfredsson to be proclaimed as God, it has to be one of the most hilarious sports stories to come out in recent memory.



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