Virtual Reality is essentially computer engineering having a little fun playing tricks on our brain. And to be honest, it’s working, and lots of fun.
Virtual Reality attaches itself to your head (like spectacles), and creates a virtual world, that feels almost real. Virtual Reality has some serious potential, it could do things like allow you to show a friend what you’re thinking, rather than verbally explaining it. In little ways like this, VR is set to revolutionize the world. The question isn’t will VR be a part of the future but rather, are you ready for it? Lets have a look at four ways in which VR is setting the stage to alter your life.
Gaming: Virtual reality will set gaming on fire. Every VR company is pushing in that direction. Imagine being yourself in the battle field, aiming and taking shots. Or being on board in an F1 Car, panning around the track, beating Sebastian Vettel by a split second. This is the future of gaming, and it’s exciting. You’d feel like, “it was all real!”
Really what VR does is blur the thin line between gaming and reality.

Movies and TV Shows: Imagine following Sherlock Holmes as he solves his latest case, or scaling up the Empire State Building with Spiderman. This is where virtual reality will make its next big hit. You’re no longer seeing your favorite characters on TV – you’re with them, “living” the movie. Said simply, don’t be surprised if in a future not so far away you’re watching you favorite Movies and TV shows in VR.

Military: It is not just a potential application to use VR in the military, it is currently being used. But for it being cheaper, more countries will soon put this into use. They can recreate combat situations and hone their instincts, without risking their lives. This has proven to be more cost effective than real life training. For instance, teaching a pilot to fly a real military jet can cost a lot of money. That is the very reason the American military simulates it. Unlimited number of flights, for a fraction of the price.

Medicine: VR can help medical students learn better. Imagine learning to do a surgery by… Ah, doing a surgery! Screw up the first time? No problem, you can try again thousands of times, without killing someone.  It can also be used to treat  many different kinds of phobias by virtually simulating the environment and helping people fight their biggest fears.
Wrapping it up…
Virtual Reality is a goldmine. Case in point – Facebook bought Oculus Rift for almost $2 Billion. It will touch every single one of our lives. Some potential dangers are at this point unknown though ( if video games were famous for allowing us to “escape.” imagine how addictive Virtual reality could be). Keeping that in mind, put your Oculus Rift on, and have fun! Just don’t let your reality be completely Virtual.

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