So you are getting comfortable. It only takes an hour or two to light your fire, your menu choices have gone from just one (hotdogs) to perhaps a few, and you are hooked. You are starting to feel pretty good about your outdoor awesomeness. That is good, but don’t get complacent, complacency kills adventure. It is time to challenge yourself.

Killarney Provincial Park allows you to take the next step in your camping journey. You can still car camp but you also have the opportunity to go off grid and try a back country adventure. Here is what I propose; plan a 4 day trip, for three of those days car camp, eat smores and have fun but on the fourth journey to the interior for a night, it is a whole different ballgame out there!

Killarney is absolutely stunning and only seeing the campground area is almost a shame. The Group of Seven painted here for a good reason, IT IS AWESOME! Killarney consists of over 49,000 hectares of sheer awesomeness and the campground is only one small portion of that. The park is made up of quartzite cliffs that were once the towering La Cloche mountain range and several beautiful lakes surrounded by dense forests. You just have to see it. I am originally from the west coast and this terrain is the closest I can get to feeling at home. Hey we all should take the time to sit atop a mountain peak and contemplate our own awesomeness! Sometimes it is good to be reminded of just how small and insignificant you really are in the grand scheme of things, it keeps you grounded.

So get out there and push yourself! Take a canoe; take a hike just take off……eh!

This article is the fifth in a series by author Brian Duff entitled “In A Different Camp”

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