wiiuYou wouldn’t necessarily buy a console for a game. But The Legend of  Zelda’s a different ballgame altogether. It is easily  one of the most anticipated games set to be released in 2016. Its legacy turned 30 a few days ago, and it’s 19th installment is set to spark major changes in the series gameplay. The game has been in development for almost 4 years.

If there’s any game that will sell the Nintendo Wii U, it’s The Legend of Zelda. Come with us, let’s dive deeper into the greatness of Zelda legacy, and why the Mario maker has all its hope on it.


3 Reasons why “The Legend of Zelda” is one of the Most Awaited Game of 2016

Persona 5, Final Fantasy XV and The Legend of Zelda are the 3 games everyone has been waiting for. But this Zelda edition is arguably the most special. This installment of Zelda is quite different from the other 18 you might’ve played before. Here’s why:

  1. Open-World: Ever played Grand Theft Auto? It’s 5th installment quickly passed the $1 billion mark in sales, Yes, billion. Why is it so popular? You can do anything. It’s free world. You can choose your own missions, and go to the places you like. Zelda – although based in a different time – brings the same freedom that made GTA so popular. There will be a map on your Wii U game-pad to help you figure out where your going as you explore the completely open-world approach.


  1. Newer, amazing graphics: If you’ve had a look at the trailer, you’d instantly notice the new graphics. Our players – especially Link and Zelda – look more mature. It leaves the previous cartoony graphics way behind. Any improvement in graphics is – for lack of a better bunch of words – an improvement in every single aspect of the game.


  1. The Big Wait And A Perfect Game: It was put in development in 2011, almost 5 years ago. There have been teasers, trailers and gameplays ever since 2013. The game was even denied it’s earlier set release in 2015. All of it, because the game wasn’t ready, they wanted it perfect. So when a game, that is as big as Wii U can handle, comes out in 2016 – it is surely going to attract every Zelda fan.

Can the Legend of Zelda save Nintendo?

Nintendo sold almost 100 million consoles in 2014. And from that first 100 million sales plummeted to 10 million the next year. That’s a straight 90 million drop!

Nintendo isn’t talked about. It’s all Xbox one and PlayStation. Major publications though are writing on “Wii U’s Lost Year.” But Nintendo’s coming back in 2016, riding on the back of Star Fox and Zelda. And we can’t wait for it!

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