The Astral and Bell Media merger left the new entity with a tough choice thanks to Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regulations,  it appeared that popular english language sports radio station TSN 690 was going to be the political casualty and turned into a French-language station.

Thanks to community support and a new application for a merged Astral and Bell Media that has requested an exception to the CRTC’s policy – asking for permission to operate four English-language stations (two AM and two FM) in Montréal – one more than what is generally permitted under CRTC policy.

More than 15,000 people have signed a petition at in favour of the CRTC allowing the company to keep the station intact as an English-language, all-sports radio channel in Montreal.

“The TSN Radio 690 Montreal team is overwhelmed by the support of our loyal listeners. There is no greater validation than having your fans rally together to keep you on the airwaves,” said station General Manager Wayne Bews. “Hopefully the CRTC agrees with our request, and with the passionate Montreal sports fans who want to save TSN Radio 690. Meanwhile, we’re staying focused on what we do best – covering the Montreal sports scene like no other station in the city.”

In addition, Bews thanked the Montreal community for submitting more than 1,000 individual letters of support to the CRTC.


“We asked our fans for help and boy did they deliver! We are humbled by the strong unwavering support of an unbelievably loyal audience,” said Mitch Melnick, host of Melnick in the Afternoon on TSN Radio 690 Montreal. “15,000+ hugs from all of us here at TSN Radio 690.”

Avid listener Ioannis Segounis calls the station ” unique within the English Montreal radio universe”, and says that the stations “use of local talent and local programming cannot be matched by most other stations, French or English.”

The campaign to save the station began last month when Astral filed the new application with the CRTC, a public hearing will begin May 6, 2013 where the exemption will be considered.



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