Lets start by recognizing how lucky we are as a free Country, that we are born with access to basic needs, and if Maslow were around today he could nod and say “Ya, you’re on the right track Canada,” Sure we still have many issues we need to correct, but we are a progressive Free Country and that’s something every citizen in this Awesome Nation can be proud of.  Our economy is doing alright; we’re one of the few Countries that can honestly say that.  We stand to be a leading force in the future of our Global Community.  We grant Human Rights to any and all who seek it; in fact I’m pretty sure Canada could declare in all fairness and honesty that we are the most freedom loving place on Earth.  I’m pretty sure any enlightened mind would imagine a utopian society as one where people of all races and creed could walk down the street without fear of prejudice.  Ever been to Toronto? It was recently gay pride week and all where able to witness people in love display it publicly and unabashedly.


Freedom, true freedom is being able to think, act ,and feel in a way that is true to oneself without encroaching on another’s rights or having yours encroached upon.  Who do you think are the most marginalized people?  Gays, Native Canadians, Immigrants or how about Women?  Most people think because we have such a love of freedom that ultimately our female population is free too.  I urge you to research the truth, women unfortunately are on the cusp of freedom but have yet to attain it as we have been convinced there is no inequality.  Yet one need only watch a couple of commercials to see how skewed the reality is.  It’s sad but we have a long way to go despite our awesomeness as Canada seeks the global crown of ultimate awesomeness.  Please don’t get me wrong, Canadian Women have the potential to be free, the laws and policies are in place for that eventuality however women are so poorly represented that most aren’t aware they are paid dollar for dollar an average of 30 percent less then a male coworker.  It’s funny actually we are the first Country to have MORE women in the workforce than men.  So what’s going on? Could be our political system…

There’s not that many Canadian Women in Politics a young lady can aspire to be. One of the more disappointing examples that comes to mind is Kim Campbell, and she was removed before finishing her term as the first female Prime Minister. She couldn’t wait for a photo op depicting her “de-robing” her Judge’s garb. Not why she was unsuccessful but still not classy, has any male Prime Ministers posed seductively?  Then we’ve got the media’s harsh depictions of style and beauty of women such as Belinda Stronach, whose run against Stephen Harper was labeled “blonde ambition” by the press.  She is best known for dating Tie Domi.  Point is this is, as James Brown famously said “a Man’s World” (I encourage everyone reading this to carefully read the lyrics, as it is one of my all time favorite songs and is crazy brilliant),  In a Country where we are meant to have a representative government, it becomes a laughable idea when you consider the number of women representing us.  However when we consider that Pamela Wallin is accomplished, intelligent and not seen as a sexual object to the public you might think wow, here’s a woman we can all be proud of, she is then quoted as saying “I’m too busy to vote”.  It’s the same as hikers climbing an impossibly steep hill with the intent of planting their people’s flag to proudly blow in the wind for all to see, a beacon of hope and inspiration, only for them to get to the top and throw their flag off and say “screw it”.

Ok the whole point of this rant is Pam’s in hot water for spending $369,593 in a matter of two years while sitting on our Senate as a representative.  This is at the same time that she earned over a million dollars in stock options and fees while sitting on Corporate Boards. The investigation being conducted by external auditors Deloitte have revealed that her claims for senate spending were in fact other expenses unrelated to her Senate position entirely. She is dangerous to all Canadians but especially to the hard working women who desperately need fair representation in this Awesome Country.  She should be ashamed of herself, not for letting down women specifically but for letting us all down.  She has stepped down from her illustrious position and hopes to be back in the next Saskatchewan election.

About The Author

Victoria Stone

Victoria is a passionate Canadian who was born in B.C., raised in Quebec and who has spent most of her adult life in Toronto. She has worked with the Ontario Coalition for Social Justice and the Ontario Health Coalition, all while organizing sold out political events to help bring awareness to poverty. The outspoken advocate for peace and love, and self described hippie believes "that right and wrong are simple," and when "a person can believe, act, and feel how they wish so long as it doesn't oppress another's beliefs thoughts or feelings, that's true freedom."

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