Naughty Halloween couple costumes can make an otherwise drab party a lot more interesting.  Depending on who is hosting the party you might want to choose more conservative costumes though.  If you and your loved one want to be the talk of the party though, consider one of the following couple costume ideas.

You may think you have discovered the cheapest costume ever, when you consider strutting around naked, like Adam and Eve.  Just realize that the fine for indecent exposure will probably cost you more than the flesh tone bodysuits and strategically placed leaves where appropriate that make up an Adam and Eve Halloween costume.  Accessorize with a rubber snake and an apple.

If the lady of the house is pregnant, she can dress up as a sexy, pregnant nun while the husband wears a priest or pope costume.  Hand out fake bibles that contain condoms.

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As long as you both stay close together, costume combinations like the socket and plug or lock and key work great.  Obviously the man will be either the plug, with cord accessory, or the key.  Geeky couples can stay true to their interests with a USB port and USB stick costume.  Along those lines, the woman can wear a flower costume and the man a bee costume.


A combination that doesn’t leave much to the imagination is a hooker and a cop. If you really want to make things fun, have the man dress up as a hooker while the woman wears a sexy cop uniform.

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There’s a wide variety of extremely explicit costumes.  You can’t be any more explicit than dressing up as male and female genitalia. This is one outfit you don’t want to wear when there are children around, though.  A sexy angel and devil costume are bound to turn some heads at any party. You can chose who is the devil and who is the angel.


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Or how about naughty schoolgirl and disheveled looking teacher? The teacher can carry around a ruler and the schoolgirl should have an apple with her.  Unless she wants to get punished, of course.

Everybody knows Hugh Hefner and his Playboy bunnies. And if they claim they don’t, they’re probably lying.  A red satin smoking jacket with black trim and belt for him. And a tuxedo style teddy, including bunny ears and tail, for her.

Star Wars fans never let us forget the classic princess Leia slave outfit, with a choker necklace and headpiece. The man can wear an inflatable Jabba The Hut costume.

And if you and your partner loved “50 shades of Grey”, why not go as Christian and Anastasia. Dress classy or sexy, just don’t forget telltale accessories like a pair of handcuffs, a tie and a sequin mask.

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