Canadian entrepreneurs give pitching their products and ideas their best shot in an attempt to gain financing on the long running CBC series Dragons Den.  From board games to “Ass” photographers the series has a little bit of everything.


Through the first three season (all that are available on Netflix Canada at the time of this article) we see a revolving door of  very wealthy, potential investor “Dragons”.  In season one the panel consists of Kevin O’Leary (co-host of CBC’s  The Lang and O’Leary Exchange) , Jim Treliving (co-owner of Boston Pizza and Mr. Lube), Robert Herjavec (an IT buyer and seller who has racked in tens of millions in deals), Laurence Lewin (co-founder of Lasenza), and Jennifer Wood (beef industry executive).


In season two Jennifer Wood was replaced by the slightly more likable Arlene Dickinson (owner of Venture Communications, a large marketing firm).  For health reasons one of the series most fun personalities was forced to exit after the second season as Laurence Lewin became ill, he eventually died on November 12, 2008. The show broadcast a dedication in memory of Lewin five days later.


Lewin was replaced for the third season by the philanthropically-minded founder of First Energy Capital Corp W. Brett Wilson.


Even with all the panelist changes the show remains consistently entertaining.  An added bonus to watching the series years later is the ability to see where the companies are today, and to see if the “Dragons” got it right.


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