Russell Peters Red, White, and Brown is a filming of the stand up comedian in NewYork City.  Peters utilizes his masterfull accent impersonation skills and clever wit to deliver hillarious commentary on current events.  The retelling of his own personal experiences of travel to India, and highschool combined with Peters sharing his opinions on soccer and the media make for one of the funniest hours of comedy in recent years.  Oh ya, and did we mention he’s Canadian?


Peters is one of the most sought after stand up comedians of his generation and this film shows why.  He has mastered crowd interaction and his quick wit provides hillarious moments as he does so.


A proud Canadian, Peters refers to his up bringing in the Toronto suburb of Brampton aswell as his families struggles to “be Canadian” in what is a masterpiece of  well crafted comedic timing.


Russell Peters Red, White and Brown is worth any viewers time and is definatly a Netflix Canada Gem.


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