Visiting Niagara Falls this winter? Lucky you, this is one of the best times to visit. The water around the Falls freezes and creates a natural majestic snow castle everywhere. Here are the 5 can’t miss things you’ve got to do when you are in  Niagara Falls in the cold months. The view is breath taking with snow everywhere, it just could not have been better. It looks like the snow has decorated the Falls and the city to welcome you for your vacation.


The first thing which you must see is the Falls itself. Due to the drop in the temperature, the water around the mighty Niagara Falls freezes to form natural ice sculptures like beautiful frames, which is worth watching all by itself. But what you really should not miss is when the sun falls and the lights come out as the Falls are illuminated at night and the fireworks take place. Make sure you check the dates and timing for the lights and fireworks before heading down.


Next up is just a short walk away from the falls, The Floral Showhouse. It has been attracting tourists for over 60 years, and as an added bonus winter is when they change their collection because of its exquisite orchids, succulents and a variety of other beautifully coloured plants. Seriously, this is probably the only colourful thing you will be able to see when everything else has been covered beneath the sheets of snow. Find out more about the Floral Showhouse here.



Take a ride on one of the most exciting ways to see the falls these days at Canada’s largest observation wheel. At about 175 feet above the Falls, this is probably the best place from where you can see the light and fireworks display, and in the comfortable temperatures of the gondolas of the wheel. The view from this height is mesmerising and romantic, and is ideal for the show on New year’s eve. From this vantage point you will be treated to memorable views of the Horseshoe and American Falls, the Niagara River,  Niagara Parks and other landmarks. It is located in the centre of Clifton Hill and is open all year long. Find out more here.


It doesn’t matter which season it is really, when it comes to tasting some wines. The company, Niagara Vintage Wine Tours arranges a variety of guided wine tour-and-taste experiences along the Niagara river regardless of season.  Also, don’t forget to visit the largest underground barrel cellar in Ontario and some of Niagara’s best wineries while taking a tour.


An age old festival that takes place all over the city but is headlined in the Queen Victoria Park area is the Winter Festival Of Lights, and it is a can’t miss for visitors of all ages. The marvellous illuminations transform the Niagara Falls area to a massive Winter Wonderland. Displays have included the world’s largest Canadian-American Flag, Niagara’s iconic Skylon Tower, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,  the two-story Zimmerman Fountain, and Religions of the World. It has now become a tradition for millions of people around the world to visit Niagara Falls during winter time.


For those not so adventurous visitors if you will, then why not stay indoors and watch and feel how the formation of Niagara Falls took place in the movie ” Niagara’s Fury.”  Tremble along while the earthquakes hit, the temperatures drop, the water bubbles and sprays, all while snow falls all around. The moving platform beneath your feet will help you understand the power of Nature, while you are surrounded by stunning visuals along the mighty Niagara River. Niagara Parks has recreated the amazing sights and sounds of the formation of Niagara Falls. Find out more here.

By Adhishree : Adhishree is an Indian born traveller and blogger. She describes herself as young, and In love with food and new places. She loves to write and share experiences with others. Adhishrees favourite saying? She “wants to measure the world with her own footsteps.”


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