I know what you are thinking….There goes Brian taking off again escaping to the serenity of a beautiful landscape while I toil away in my decidedly not scenic cubicle of doom and monotony. Well, I would like to tell you that I was in fact abducted by aliens and they would not let me write any cool park reviews that allow you to live an awesome outdoor lifestyle vicariously through me. I would like to tell you that but I would be l wholly and unabashedly lying to you.  I bailed.

Summer in this country is wickedly short and my particular approach to enjoying what little time we rugged Canucks are given is to go off grid. So with blatant disregard to all those stuck wearing the noose of oppression (a tie to those who don’t know) I ran off in search of the real reason behind the mysterious death of Tom Thompson in Algonquin Park, for this I apologize. But as September approaches and school starts the inevitable call to return to the huddled masses has taken hold and I have returned hopefully relaxed and reinvigorated enough to survive another penguin freezing Canadian winter.

Winter, of course, is a time when some people chose to partake in the idea of winter camping. Those people I fondly refer to as “completely off their beaver eating rockers!” I prefer to take after my large forest dwelling brethren and hibernate until the flowers come up in April. So soon I will take the camping equipment out of the trunk of my car as tears run down my sunburnt face lamenting the loss of another camping season. But all is not lost for here I will sit in my ultra cozy office and begin to plan next year’s adventures for the next six months. During that time I will once again produce informative and conscious altering prose that the world….okay six people and a moose…..can read and enjoy!

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