I am going to assume that in your undeniable wisdom after reading last week’s article you headed straight to your local camping store and made your way to Awenda.  Good for you! Consider this a virtual pat on the back. Now here it is Friday afternoon and a strange sensation starts to creep into your self-conscious. The smell of a campfire that took no less than two washes to get out of your favorite sweatpants remarkably reappears inside your little cubicle. Next the unquenchable desire to make lunchtime “smoretime” and yes the urge to see little trees not surrounded by concrete blocks. You can try to fight it but the truth is…YOU MISS CAMPING!

Yes sleeping on the ground and having to start a fire to eat your dinner was so very odd to you only days ago and now the only question burning a hole through your mouse is, ”where to next?” Well, I am glad you asked.

The next little gem of a park within a paddle throw of the GTA is Sibbald Point Provincial Park. It like Awenda seems almost off the radar to the public at large and there is always a good chance you can get a site even last minute. The park sits on 225 hectares on the shores of Lake Simcoe. There are sandy beaches to just lay the day away or if that gets boring there is a museum within the park, a cool snack bar near the beach for some oh so camping chic poutine perhaps! There are not many hiking trails so prepare yourself for a weekend of just good old relaxation. Just an FYI though, for some reason certain park goers like to place the beach side picnic tables actually in the water not sure what that is all about but it is kind of funny seeing people sitting in the lake…literally.  Bring your camera!

Now load up the Pontiac and get out there and go have some fun!

This article is the fourth in a series by author Brian Duff entitled “In A Different Camp”

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