With Baseball season right around the corner, I thought it time to look at some of the biggest moments in Canada’s only Major League teams history. More specifically, the fan favourite long ball. Home runs leave a lasting mark in the memories of fans.  It’s quite hard and obviously debatable to pick best ever Blue Jay’s home runs. It took some research and a lot of memory jogging to compile this list. But all that aside,  here are 5 of our favourite Blue Jay home runs that left both a lasting mark on the memories of Blue Jay’s fans – and a lasting scar on the ever aching hearts of the opposition.

5. Ed Spargue

1992 World Series vs Atlanta Braves (Game 2)

When you a destined to create history, no one can stop you. So is the case with Ed Spargue. Only hitting a single Homer throughout the season and with Jays trailing 4-3, this man was eager to make his mark and get the job done. Spargue promptly homered the first pitch he saw from Atlanta reliever Jeff Reardon. Spargues, stunning home run not only gave Jays a 5-4 victory, but also provided fans a lasting memory while witnessing history in the making. Had Sprauge not slammed it out of the park , the Jays might not have won the world series.

4. Jose Bautista

2015 AL Series vs Texas Rangers (Game 5)

For those who live in a cave and are unaware of the name Jose Bautista: This man cemented his name in the history books forever as soon as his bat crushed that Sam Dyson 97 mph fastball into the stands, sending all 50,000 fans into a frenzy! The swing capped off what was probably the craziest hour or so of baseball I have ever personally watched and helped the Jays not only win the game, but sent Toronto to the ALCS for the first time in over 20 years. Had they won, or even made the World Series this would have been much higher on the list but seeing as this homer is being called this generations Joe Carter Moment it is very deserving of a spot. Oh ya, and there was a Bat Flip for the ages you may have heard about.

3. Kelly Gruber

1992 World Series vs Atlanta Braves (Game 3)

After Ed Sprague it was time for Kelly Gruber to put a few more nails in the coffin of the Atlanta Braves. Gruber took Steve Avery’s eighth pitch over the wall to tie the game helping to setup up a perfect platform for Candy Maldonado’s walk off single that gave the Jays their first World Series win, and became the first title won on Canadian soil.

2. Roberto Alomar

1992 AL Championship Series vs Oakland Athletics (Game 4)

No Blue Jay Fan can possibly forget the day when Roberto Alomar took Dennis Eckersley deep for his historic long ball. Robertos Homer was nothing short of remarkable. It would help Toronto go on to win the game 7-6 in 11 innings, and also helped Alomar become immortalized as the first Hall of Famer wearing a Blue Jays ball cap.

1. Joe Carter

1993 World Series vs Philadelphia Phillies (Game 6)

Some people are meant for winning, and Joe Carter is definitely one of them. There is no doubt among Blue Jay Fans and critics alike that Carter’s come-from-behind, loss-turned-win, home run was the most unbelievable thing they ever saw. In the most famous dinger in Jays history Carter made Phillies closer, Mitch Williams offering an iconic Canadian moment. It was by far the most dramatic win fans at the time had ever seen (and now Jose’s blast may take that title for the younger generation). This was after all only the second World Series winning walk off homer in the history (yes all of history) of baseball. Even today, just the sound of the phrase “Touch ‘em all Joe” in the voice of legendary Toronto broadcaster Tom Cheek is enough to make a Jays fan teary.

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