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By Catherine Ryan for Life & Beauty Weekly


Settling into the salon chair for a new haircut is exciting. You probably bring in pictures and talk to your stylist about what works for your hair and lifestyle. But one of the most important things to factor into your haircut decision is your personality.

“Every haircut should be designed keeping into consideration personality, lifestyle, physique, bone structure and hair texture; it all works together,” says Maurice Fiorio, who owns the Toronto-based Fiorio salon empire and has worked on the tresses of Julianne Moore and Ryan Phillippe. “If you combine all these elements successfully, you will have the most amazing look!”

What type of haircut will match your personality? Check out this guide.

Your personality: straightforward, no-nonsense
You would describe yourself as a low-maintenance, efficient go-getter.

The right haircut: a shoulder-skimming look with lots of layers

A medium-length cut with plenty of layers—like Julie Bowen’s character, Claire, on “Modern Family”—will fit your uncomplicated approach to beauty. The layers provide built-in movement and texture, helping you look put-together and stylish without a bevy of products or a lot of time at the mirror. Keeping the length near your shoulders means your hair won’t feel overwhelming, but it’s still long enough to pull back into a ponytail.

Your personality: artistic, modern
Creative expression is vital to you; you’re an original and on the cutting edge.

The right haircut: a short, cropped cut

A super-short look with a bit more length on top (Halle Berry is the perfect example) makes a dramatic statement and is surprisingly versatile — you can spike it up or blow-dry it smooth. Also consider a chin- or cheek-length bob with bangs that fall around the middle of your forehead — picture Bettie Page or the main character in Amelie with a bob.

Your personality: spontaneous, adventurous
You thrive on the unexpected and get bored easily.

The right haircut: a long cut with invisible layers

Long hair like that on Reese Witherspoon and Tyra Banks gives you the opportunity to change your style on a whim. You could create a messy updo for a night out, beachy waves for a casual afternoon or a sleek ponytail for work. Ask your stylist for a haircut that will enable you to change your look on a whim but will still be a great look for you, says Fiorio.

Your personality: traditional, conservative
You prize your professionalism and reliability.

The right haircut: a long, blunt bob

A style with strong lines, not piece-y layers, is a classic look that reflects your down-to-business approach. Look at pictures of Salma Hayek and “Mad Men”’s January Jones (who plays Betty) to get the idea. Also consider asking for long, sweeping bangs (like Hayek’s) to add a little softness to the cut.

Your personality: outgoing, life of the party
You’re full of energy and have a gregarious attitude that gets others’ attention.

The right haircut: a bouncy style with long layers

Your best hairstyle matches your exuberant presence, and long layers fit the bill. Stars like Carrie Underwood, Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson rock this cut, which creates serious volume and movement. One tip: Have your stylist undercut the hair at the crown of your head—where hair tends to fall flat—to help maintain body and lift.

Catherine Ryan
is a freelance writer and editor who writes on health, nutrition, beauty and green living for such magazines as
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