Who doesn’t want a popular blog? But is it really possible?

Yes, and no.

I’m sure wondering what kind of an answer is that. Well, I answered it that way, because it is subjective. If done right, thousands of hits per day could be a normal thing – but if wrongly executed, it will just swallow your time and money without giving you back anything.

So, what makes a blog successful, then? Now that’s the right question. Forget the technicalities and long worded internet speak that most people won’t understand, lets answer it the easy way.

A blog is successful because of dedication. Yes, you read that right.

Moving along, let’s look at the most effective and arguably easiest ways to increase your blog’s traffic:

  1. Publishing Valuable Content

Your blog’s success heavily depends on the type of content you publish because the quality of your articles show the amount of credibility your blog is offering. Follow below to get this part right.

  • Rich-Content Articles

There are blogs everywhere giving information in the most general way, don’t fall into that cycle. Make your blog unique. Pick a niche and then post expert content just about that niche.

You can do this by addressing the needs of the reader. If you are publishing an article about “how to root an Android device”, then it better be detailed and clearly help the reader accomplish their goal. The reader shouldn’t feel unsatisfied at the end of the article.

Articles are the doorway to your blog. Publish articles that are so interesting and full of useful information that the reader wants to explore more of your blog. You also want to be ranked, that’s what SEO is for, but if the content is not credible it will not get a high ranking.

  • Publish A Mix of Short and Long Articles

Yes, short articles are easy to write and also easy to read, but to make a name of your blog as place with authoritative information, you have to post long and detailed articles too.

Also, don’t just rely on text. Go beyond. Use images, infographics, videos and GIFs, as this kind of media attract even more visitors and also make your blog rank better in search engines.

  • Frequent Publishing of Articles

You need to have a setup where you can publish a steady amount of articles. Don’t just post 10 articles in one day and then forget about it for a month. It won’t do any good.

You can post any number of articles per day, but be consistent with it.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  • On-Page SEO

It is about posting content that has a good amount of targeted keywords in it. But, that’s not it. The meta-description and tags should also be synced with the keywords present in the content.

Additionally, you should also include internal links of your own blog in the article along with external links. It gives reader more resources to go to. That way the reader starts trusting you.

  • Off-Page SEO

Guest blogging is the king of this realm. Your blog may have a limited amount of readers. Want to increase it? Guest post on a popular but relevant blog. Make your article informative and inspiring. At the end give a link to your blog. If done right, you will see a jump in traffic.

Also, select relevant forums and give valuable information to the reader there.

If you want to spend money on your blog, then choose PPC ad campaigns. Analyze keywords and use them in your campaigns.

  1. Get Social

In the golden age of social media, your blog is not popular if you are not sharing your content on social media. Make professional or fun (depending on your niche) profiles on every renowned social media site and regularly share your blog posts.

But, this is not where it ends. You should not be just a sharer and forgeter type. Be active on social media. Managing a twitter account? Then get busy in providing useful insights to people in relevant hashtags.

If your Facebook readers are leaving comments, then don’t ignore the comments. These are gold to anyones social media success. Answer them and post in a way that the readers reply back. So on and so forth.

There you have it! These ideas are a great starting point and can help make your blog as successful as you imagined when your bought that domain name. Keep in mind though, these things take time so don’t think that you will start getting loads of traffic within days of implementing the strategies. Give it time. Stay with it and the readers will stay with you!

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