Winter does not just have an effect on you but winter is total havoc on your vehicle as well. Your car, while operating perfectly during the summer season might not be able to do so in the colder weather. There are a ton of ways in which you can prepare your car for the winter and here are four of the easiest and most important for you to add to your winterizing list.

  1. Changing the oil

The engine oil in your car needs to be chosen according to the temperature to which the car is exposed. The temperature outside has a significant impact on the temperature inside the car as well. The viscosity of the oil changes so have a look at your owners manual and see if they recommend using winter specific oil.This is one of the main reasons that you have to change your cars oil before and at least once through through winter.


  1. Coolant

Most people associate the function of the coolant of the engine with only the cooling of the engine but it does much more including protecting the engine from corrosion, and heating your vehicles cabin. In extreme winters, coolant protect the engines from corrosion only if it contains the proper amount of ethylene glycol and that is why, you need to check and if necessary change the coolant accordingly especially during the winter.


  1. Capacity of the battery:

Your cars battery is an essential part of yours cars starting system.  A properly charged battery will get you moving but a poorly maintained battey could leave you out in the cold.  Be sure to check the battery cables and leads for continuity and corrosion and if accesible top up the water levels in the battery it self.  Most importantly be sure to have your battery tested to be sure its holding a charge properly.


  1. Tires

Your cars tires will inevitably slip on snow and ice but the idea is to minimize winters effect on your driving. This is the time of year to change your tires over to their snow/ice friendly versions although if you do not have a second set its worth having a look into a possibly life saving investment.  Regardless of what tires are on your vehicle make sure the pressures are set to the manufacturers specs for optimal life, wear and grip.


These 4 simple things will help you in preparing your car for the winter. While this don’t guarantee it is completely ready for winter, it does cover the basics and bare minimum. A trip to a local mechanic is never a bad idea if for nothing more than piece of mind but is not always necessary.  Regular maintenance will always help prevent expensive repairs later.  For a more detailed list check out our

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Drive safe Canada.

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