While for the time being the Toronto Maple Leafs have held off the Boston Bruins and forced a game 6 of their opening round series, the only other Canadian NHL team remaining in the playoff mix are the Ottawa Senators.  Vancouver was trounced by the San Jose Sharks, and the Montreal Canadiens suffered a rather embarrassing series ending loss to those previously mentioned Senators.  No one else even showed up to the party.

Even the most optimistic Toronto supporter would agree that all things considered, including the clubs valiant effort thus far it’s unlikely they will make it out of the first round of the playoffs, leaving only the Sens to represent the great white north in defending our nations favourite pastime.

So begs the question, will the Sens become Canada’s adopted playoff team like we have seen happen to other clubs in past years?

One thing is certain, not in Montreal.  After a series with as much drama as any in the first round the city of Montreal would rather wait for the Alouettes season to begin and not watch any sports in the meantime than support their rival Senators.

Toronto fans have years of hatred for Ottawa as well, and they still have the Blue Jays to watch so jumping off the Maple Leafs ship for a Senators boat is not in the realm of possibility.

Geography may help get the western cities to follow the hockey happenings in Ottawa , but many truly converting to full-blown fans for a few weeks of a playoff run is very unlikely.

Not that national support wouldn’t be a nice thing, but non recognition is nothing new for the Sens, they have for years had a reputation as a team onto themselves, without much of a following outside of the Ottawa area.  Being the countries youngest team (yes I know the Jets took a vacation but the fan base didn’t) may be the main reason that the Ottawa Senators will not become Canada’s team in the 2013 NHL playoffs.

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