In what has been yet another relatively mild winter in the area, Southern Ontario has been for the most part shut down due to a winter blast.  Its is a regular occurence for the rest of the country to poke fun (and sometimes be down right mean) at Toronto and how the city deals with winter storms or just plain cold weather.  Friday morning has given even more artillery to the jokeseter’s across Canada.


Most school buses and many schools have been closed throughout the region, and lack of road maintenance has made the commute a slow one.  Many hills have been giving motorists trouble and causing drivers to spin out.  Flights at Pearon International airport are also being cancelled or delayed at a near record pace.


Living and driving in Canada should bring with it some special regulations in regards to licensing.  If motorists are going to be driving in winter conditions they should be trained properly to do so.  One look at any news channel proves that many Ontarians aren’t equipped with enough common sence to operate their vehicle in winter conditions.  Winter driving courses aren’t the only possible solution to what ails the provinces winter road troubles.


Ontario municipalities have saved millions of dollars on winter road maintenance in recent years with a stretch of milder than normal winters, so the current state of roads begs some very serious questions.  Where has all the money gone and why are those in charge of road clearing and salting not providing amazing service when there is a snowfall?


Quebec has in recent years implemented laws that requires the installation of snow tires during the winter months and Ontario (who seems to regulate everything else) should look at following suite.  Winter tires while not a sure thing could provide some of the less experienced or less capable drivers in the province another tool to help protect everyone on the roads.


Regardless of whatever the outcome may be, Ontario needs to take a serious look at the winter related problems that constantly seem to affect the southern portion of the province.

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