The roleplaying game Yo-Kai Watch has been popular in Japan since its release in the summer of 2013, and it has recently made its way over to North America and Australia with the help of Nintendo. Since its inception in Japan, it has had a popular following and has even seen spin-off titles including several smartphone apps and three manga adaptations. But will it be the next big thing in North America?


When Yo-Kai Watch was released in North America in late 2015, the reviews that came in on the game were slow to start, but then it started to gain some momentum. It truly is a game that makes you want to play it. There’s a certain draw about it that people find charming, but it isn’t because of the gameplay: it is the world and the story that are presented to the player that really helps you get invested and want to find out more.

The Yo-Kai can be best described as spirits; some are good, others bad, and some are seeking companionship. The game revolves around finding these Yo-Kai and solving the mysteries and problems that they cause throughout the game. This is where the attraction to the game begins: as you play you want to discover more about the Yo-Kai and the world that they reside in.

While it is doubtful that Yo-Kai Watch will find the same footing and popularity that they have experienced in Japan, they have been receiving fantastic scores across the board from North American review sites and Hasbro produces their merchandise line. It may not be groundbreaking in terms of gameplay, but the world is certainly something that carries a players imagination, and it is definitely worth checking out.

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