Thanks to Canadian software by Vancouver’s Absolute Software Corporation authorities have been able to recover 28,000 stolen  computers, laptops and ultra-portable devices.

Their Computrace persistence technology and LoJack for Laptops , have helped recover customer’s stolen electronics from the far corners of the world.

“The Investigations and Recovery Services team works closely with police to recover stolen devices. But often the most important impact is the forensic evidence and other critical information we collect, which helps law enforcement lay charges and put criminals behind bars,” states John Livingston, Chairman and CEO at Absolute Software. “Over 450 laptops are recovered every month leveraging our powerful technologies, our team of forensic specialists and former police officers, and our relationship with over 6,755 police agencies worldwide. As a testament to both the expertise of our Investigations team and forensic tools, we recently accomplished another milestone, helping to recover our 28,000th stolen computer.”

The technology spans the globe as evidence is the case of a George Mason University student who  found his laptop had been stolen from his apartment after returning from a weekend away. Luckily when the student purchased the laptop he had installed and activated LoJack for Laptops on the device. The student reported the laptop stolen to Absolute Software and local police. Using Absolute’s computer forensic tools, the laptop was tracked on the other side of the world in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. After the device was remotely frozen by the Absolute Investigations team, local police recovered it from a residence. The user had purchased the laptop from a second-hand dealer. The laptop was shipped safely back to the thankful student.

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SOURCE: Absolute Software Corporation

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