The shortest month of the year is February, and it perhaps brings the greatest moments of joy and celebration of any month in the calendar. This is because of the fêted occasion of Valentines Day that falls on the 14th of the month annually. Valentines Day or the day of saint valentines is the day of love and affection. Love is in the air on this day when lovers verbalize the language of their heart and make each other feel true preciousness.

Just like there is a story or a reason behind every celebration, there are tales associated with Valentines Day too. Every year the 14th of February is cheered with the exchange of gifts and feelings. But according to a story I came across recently it may actually be the day when a devotee of love sacrificed his life for beautiful woman.

Legend goes: Thousands of years ago in 3rd century B.C there was a saint, Valentine, who lived in Rome. He was a priest in the kingdom of Saint Claudius II. One fine day the king got it in his head that married men don’t turn out to be proficient soldiers due to family bonds and relationships weakening them. In order to have good quality soldiers and a strong military force Claudius II outlawed marriage for young men.

Saint Valentine disagreed silently and had throughout his life felt love by tying nuptial bonds opposing the king’s instructions. He went against his orders and continued coordinating marriages clandestinely. Eventually  emperor Claudius II found out and consequently he decided to punish saint Valentine by putting him to death on (I bet you can’t guess), the 14th of February.

From that day onwards the 14th of February has been celebrated as the day that marks, the bond of love and the spirits of all the true lovers.

But this is not the only fable hanging behind  the shadow of modern Valentines Day. According to another famous tale, Valentine was a captive who did fall in love and with his jailor’s daughter at that. On the day when Valentine was taken to persecution he wrote and left a letter for his girlfriend. That day was (of course) February 14th and the love letter was said to have been signed “Your Valentine”.

The result? The day came to be recognized and celebrated as Valentines Day. Did it help commence the tradition of exchanging love letters and other instruments to express one’s feelings of affection? Who knows.

Though it is very difficult to know the true identity of  Valentine the man, it is sure that he was an idol of love who died to prove that the flame of love can never be extinguished. Love always stands unbeaten and victorious despite countless attempts to trounce it ,rejoice it’s Valentines Day

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