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Awesome Canada started out with a simple goal, Bring readers the best indie news specific to Canada.

We have come a long way from our first article in January 2013.

Awesome Canada now has hundreds of articles covering a wide range of topics. We have an amazing logo (thanks to madlabs.ca), a unique mascot, and a great team!


We have moved slightly off our initial format in adding some international news but AC still prides ourselves in bringing Canadians news and opinions that really matter.

Since our inception we have branched out a little and rather than one guy in his living room behind a laptop we now have contributing writers from coast to coast, and that list continues to grow.  See our Awesome Team page for a full list and information about our authors.


If you are an aspiring writer,  just love scribbling stories, or would like to be a part of our team in some other way feel free to check out our Contribute Section for more details.

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