Just how far would you go to win over the heart and women of your dreams?
How about planning a fake police arrest come marriage proposal.

This is exactly what 26-year old, Ben Vienneau of Saint John, New Brunswick did last week in an outrageous marriage proposal that literally left his girlfriend with tears of anguish rather than joy.


Apparently, JLO was wrong when she sang, ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’.
It seems you can put a price on Love, as seen in this prank proposal.

Ben Vienneau and his girlfriend Marcia Belyea who have been dating for 4 years had both heard of a wedding competition being run by local Saint John Radio Station – Country 94 which called for entrants to submit a video of their outrageous and most original marriage proposal, to stand a chance of winning a $20 000.00 cheque to put towards a wedding of their dreams.

But little did the Marcia Belyea ever think she would become the subject in this grandiose scheme. Although completely unscripted, it is like something out of a reality show.

Vienneau, orchestrated and planned the elaborate proposal by enlisting friends at the Saint John Police Force to assist with the plan. The intent was for the officer to pull over the unsuspecting Belyea in her vehicle and charge her for outstanding fines of $2000 or face 30-days in Jail. The plan went a little too far when the officer removed Belyea from her pickup and asked her to take a seat in the back of the police vehicle. A young and seemingly shocked Belyea was then given an ultimatum by the officer that turned the troubled tears of hers into tears of disbelief and then joy.

“Ben and I have come to an agreement where we’ve agreed to waive the fine and let you go if you take his hand in marriage,” the officer said.

Ben dropped to his knees to propose and Marcia exited the back of the police vehicle in agreement.

Ben Vienneau’s video proposal on YouTube, instantly went viral and captured the hearts and attention of Canadians near and far. The YouTube Video, already sitting with over 124 000 hits, has become a top story on social media platforms and has been picked up by local publications and networks around North America, as well as internationally.

The couple have already made it into the top 2 finalists and hope that the almost over-night viral popularity of the video and coverage will secure them a number one spot and the coveted prize, when voting closes on Monday 22nd July.

We have heard from the young couple themselves but what do family members think of Ben’s take on the proposal.

Alex Vienneau (younger brother to Ben) says “he knew there would be a proposal in the future but I had no idea it would be this soon or in this way” and “was completely surprised and blown away” when he saw the video. He jokingly added that “his brother isn’t one for pranks but given there is a free wedding on the line it doesn’t surprise me that he would pull something like this off and have it go viral”.

Alden Vienneau (Ben’s Dad) said “it was a complete surprise when he (Ben) showed up at the house and told us how he was going to do it and even a bigger surprise that Sean who is a police officer and my son-in-law agreed to it”.

Alden admits that he was heart broken at first for Marcia and her parents – “It was initially hard … when I started to see her sad face and that tear on her cheek all over the place. I found it difficult to enjoy but once I saw Marcia and her parents were having fun with it then my wife, Marylou and I were able to enjoy the whole experience as well.” Alden adds that “Ben is a very friendly and likeable guy who can get a room full of people laughing very easily and does love having fun”.

Although the family are shocked at the attention the video has received worldwide they are all fully behind the couple and hope they win.

Over the top, completely insane or simply daring, this guy knows how to take a chance.
He may have landed the girl of his dreams but can he win the prize in the end?

Let’s just say, I’m sure Presley’s, Jailhouse Rock is not likely to be one of the songs featured on this couples wedding playlist.

Watch the video.

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