Don Cherry has been one of the most vocally patriotic Canadians for the better part of twenty years while appearing on Coaches Corner, an intermission segment as part of the historic Hockey Night In Canada broadcasts.  Cherry’s nationalism crosses into all areas of life be it support of youth programs or the military.


Cherry’s career in hockey appeared to be over after five years of coaching the Boston Bruins, but the CBC came calling and Coaches Corner was born.  Along side Ron MacLean Cherry has used the platform to create controversy and provide his unedited commentary on many issues regarding Canada not limited to hockey alone.  While his criticism of European players of the sport has been harsh his out right support of Canadians is unparalleled.


A highly sought after spokesperson for Canadian companies like the hugely successful COLD-FX Cherry has been as busy as a celebrity.  Cherry is also entrepreneurial, opening a chain of restaurants bearing his name across the country.  One of his most successful ventures has been the long running Rock’em Sock’em Hockey video series that has become a traditional stocking stuffer in many Canadian homes during the Christmas season.


CBC produced and aired a made for T.V. movie based on Cherry’s life story in March 2010 receiving a great response.  Keep Your Head up Kid: The Don Cherry Story  was adapted from a script originally written by Cherry’s son Timothy Cherry.  In 2012 CBC aired the sequel The Wrath of Grapes: The Don Cherry Story II.   Another CBC produced venture, The Greatest Canadian listed Cherry as the seventh greatest canuck of all time.


While not always the most politically correct Canadian, Don Cherry is easily one of the most recognizable figures this country has ever produced.  Cherry is an advocate of almost everything Canada has to offer especially the beloved game of hockey.  The community work combined with his overall patriotism defiantly makes Don Cherry an Awesome Canadian.

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