Shooting movies and music videos in Montreal is hardly new, John_Callayna_croppedbut the city is again being put in the fore front.
American singer-songwriter David Arn recently shot the visuals for his latest single “Keeping My Distance” in the city with the help of Shaun Ryan Savard of Montreal’s Playmaker Studios. The project was shot mostly at night in Montreal’s downtown core and features the talents of Canadian actors Callayna Bajer and John MacCormac.

Shaun took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with Awesome Canada recently after working on this latest project .

AC – Hello, thanks for taking the time to chat with me. Take a second to introduce yourself.Shaun_Ryan_Savard

Shaun – Thank you for having me. My name is Shaun Ryan Savard and I am an independent filmmaker.

AC – Who were your film influences growing up?

Shaun – Growing up my influences were I think like most Spielberg, Lucas, and Burton. There was heart in those films, a real sense of who was making them and the need to tell that story.

AC – What makes your music videos unique and different from everything else that’s out there?

Shaun – I’d like to think my music videos stand out uniquely in the stories and emotional impact they incur. I see so many amazing songs get a simple “bling” video that has millions thrown at it, but mean nothing. What I like to think comes across in mine is an emotional affect, whether it is a funny video, or a serious dramatic one, the video should affect you as much as the song.

AC – How has Canada influenced you and your work?

Shaun – An enlightened Canadian has a unique view on things. Being a dual citizen living in Canada I see a much wider gamut of productions that don’t see the light in the USA, which in turn influences my work. It also affords me the freedom to shoot almost invisibly in Montreal. The people in Montreal however, are what make this an amazing experience. All of the actors gave great performances and help me bring the work to life.

AC – Do you have anything coming up we can look forward to?

Shaun – I have a few projects on the fast track, one of them being a sitcom about online dating. Right now we are in the process of pitching to online media channels like Netflix and Hulu. They have been very receptive so far! I also have a few more video projects with David Arn lined up which I am very much looking forward to. I absolutely enjoy working with David.

AC – How can our readers get in touch with you?

Shaun – The easiest way to contact me is to go to my website or to email me at

AC – Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Shaun – I think if there is anything I would say to the readers it would be this. If you like watching my videos, stay tuned we never stop trying to one up ourselves, and if you want make a video, you should definitely drop us a line at playmaker studios.

Watch the Trailer for Shauns latest work here!


David Arn’s music video for “Keeping My Distance” will premiere April 15th on both Vevo and YouTube, and the single (mastered for iTunes at London’s famed Abbey Road Studio) will be available at the same time. Visit for more info.

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