Ontario’s own Whalie took some time to chat with us at Awesome Canada.  See what this young aspiring musician had to say, read the complete interview below.

AC – Hello, thanks for taking the time to chat with me. Take a second to introduce yourself.

Whalie – Hi! Thanks for inviting me. I’m Whalie (pronounced as whale-lee). I am pursuing a very multi-faceted career as a musician/singer-songwriter/periscoper/millennial catalyst. I’m located in Ottawa, and I love puppies and whales.

AC – Who were your musical influences growing up?

Whalie – My family loves classical music! I would say Chopin and Mozart were my musical influence growing up.But my musical influence did shift quite a bit to artists such as Avicii and Adam Lambert.

AC – You introduced yourself as a Periscoper. I briefly took a look at your periscope link and it seems like you are doing very well on it. But could you tell us what Periscope is about, and how you got to start it?

Whalie Thank you! I started Periscope 3 months ago when I came across the application on Twitter. I was looking for a platform that I could do vlogs, live music performances and converse with people in; and periscope seemed perfect for it, so I jumped in right away. Periscope, in a nutshell, is a live video streaming application. It is still relatively new in the market, and I’ve only seen a couple of Canadian broadcasters on the platform.  It allows you to express yourself in however way you want just by clicking a “start broadcast” button; and it’s nice to be in the same middle ground as everyone else since it is a live stream based off of mobile device.

AC – How has Canada influenced you and your sound?

Whalie – Canada helped me to diversify my musical interests and be exposed to different genres. that I won’t be able to hear easily if I had continued to live in South Korea. Specifically, I was exposed to genres such as R&B, metal, baroque pop and EDM. My sound, vocally, instrumentally and even as a songwriter, is heavily influenced by EDM and baroque pop. Lately I am trying to learn more about progressive metal, bossa nova and inuit music!  It’s amazing how being in such a multicultural country can change you musically.

AC – Do you have anything coming up we can look forward to?

Whalie – I have a lot! Something more regular would be more periscope broadcasts, YouTube covers and spontaneous gigs on horizon. I also plan on releasing a single sometime in the beginning or middle of 2016. I will probably be doing performances outside of Ottawa as well. So stay tuned for that .

AC – How can our readers get in touch with you?

Whalie – The quickest way to get a hold of me, I would say, is to use social media. Send me direct messages or comments on any of my social media (access my about.me page and you will have the whole list). You can expect to hear from me in a very short period of time! If you comment with a question during any of my periscope broadcasts, you are pretty much going to get an answer from me right away. I also have email! info@whalie.net

AC – Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Whalie – I am seeking any collaboration/media/ performance opportunities for the upcoming year! So please do not hesitate to reach out to me in that matter. Connect with me on social media channels! I am active on almost every social media platform you can think of. I look forward to saying hi to you!



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