The Ottawa River is one of the most beautiful resources in the country and Wilderness Tours takes full advantage of all it has to offer.  A quick bus ride brings your group to the side of the river where professional guides lead you through your choice of amazingly challenging white water rapids, or a more gentle family friendly alternative. The stretch of water remains as natural as it was in the 1700’s in large part thanks to the Wilderness Tours Land Trust who have protected over 5000 acres in an attempt to keep the river in all its glory.


The resort consists of camping, cabin, and trailer park areas all surrounding the main building.  Outdoor activities include Ontario’s only Bungee jump, basketball and volleyball courts, a rock climbing wall aswell as an evening community fire pit and many others things to keep you occupied and entertained.  A raft shop, restaurant and bar/nightclub in the evenings round out the facilities around the main building.


Many packages available include food, and not just your average resort style buffet either.  Fresh fruit and bacon or sausage meals for breakfast, lunches (also include a stop on rafting days along the river at lunch stations) of sausages and burgers, and steak and chicken breast dinners are just some examples of the great food provided.


The most pleasant part of any Wilderness Tours visitors trip would have to be the interaction with the Staff.  Whether playing with kids or crashing your campsite to tell stories and have a few drinks the staff is a unique group of outgoing personable folk.


Wilderness Tours Rafting Co. offer some of the most exciting excursions available in the province of Ontario.  With packages for everyone from family rafting groups looking for a cabin to thrill seeking kayaking campers your sure to find something just right.



Makes sure to bring shoes for the water, either water shoes or ankle strapped sandals.  The raft shop has them available but the quality is questionable and the prices are high.


For anyone looking to include a few nights of alcohol consumption we recommend a quick trip across the Quebec border where prices are a bit more reasonable (remember canned beer only)


Beware of the “Red Shirts”, they are staff who patrol in the evening making sure alcohol remains on your site.  Generally they are good and are more there to warn you about impending police visits and the possibility of fines

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