It has been a rough week for skiers in the province of British Columbia.  The Canadian Avalanche Centre says there’s a high danger rating for slides in many parts of the province this weekend.


A Monday avalanche claimed the life of a 34-year-old German man near Invermere, B.C.


Friday afternoon another avalanche trapped a separate victims body.    The Skiers body has since  been recovered near the Revelstoke Mountain Resort in B.C.  Poor weather conditions prevented a search and rescue crew from safely removing his body until Saturday.


The man was part of a group of five and was said to be skiing out-of-bounds with two others in the Greely Lake area, when the slide hit . Coroner Barb McLintock  said the two skiers who were not hit by the slide dug out the three skiers who were struck, but they were too late for one of the skier who died.

The mans,  name will not be released until Monday after his family has been notified.



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